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My husband is making holes in the walls and hiding them

My husband has been diagnosed with schitzophrenia 10 years ago and is taking risperodol for this with good affect. My concern is I’ve been moving some furniture lately in our kitchen etc …and noticed that there are holes in the walls and wiring sticking out and cut. I’m thinking that maybe he’s hearing things again? Does his meds need adjustment? Any comments? I’m so sad. And not knowing what to do. Thank you all

Take pictures for the record. Probably voices. Would he tell you how it happened ?

This disease is so tough.



It’s probably best to approach the matter directly.
“Are you making holes in the walls and cutting wires?”

It may turn defensive or combative, but approaching the issue with honest compassion and patience will result in arriving at the same conclusion you would eventually arrive at anyway.

Better to take action than silently hope for change.

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Could be, or maybe there is some valid reason for holes in the walls and wires cut?? If things stop working in your kitchen, you will know! If this is happening due to illness, my guess is there will be other signs, also. You could mention any concerns to him, or to his doctor.

I would say something like:

I am concerned and don’t know what to do about the holes in the wall I found in the kitchen, what can you tell me?

It’s sort of a way to ask questions recommended by NAMI.

Wording questions as "I am concerned and I don’t know what to do about … " helps me avoid arguments when I discover weird things. Otherwise I tend to dissolve into anger, and that’s not pretty for any of us in my home.

Good luck finding a resolution.

Awesome…great example. I am going to save your advice for reference!! @Bonita We are wishing you the very best and will continue to encourage you if you are looking for that!

When was the last time you moved the furniture? Is it possible these are old holes?

No…these holes are new. That’s probably the reason why he kept moving certain furniture around