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My mom acts normal until she is released from the hospital then it seems like it was all an act

Twice now my mom has been released from the hospital. She has delusions I am not her daughter that I am an imposter. She thinks she had other children or had twins and one was taken away at birth. I am her only child. She has delusions of my dad abusing her. She often thinks I’m an evil imposter and have taken away her real daughter.My dad has never laid a hand on her. She is has been violent with us both times she was admitted. The second time she appealed she lost as we recorded and reported everything from her first release. This loss only gave her another week in the hospital. I found her diary the other day I feel bad for looking but she believes she controls the weather that she is the cause for war. She has been home for two days now and is already starting to accuse us of her delusions. I fear we will have to call the police on her again. Why do they keep releasing her I feel like she needs better treatment. My grandma installed this how to act normal in these times. I feel like she is using this she is the sweetest person before her release. Apologizing for her actions but last time I could she the sarcasm in this. As soon as we left in the car she started swearing at us accusing us again. I feel like besides adjusting her medication she needs counselling do they not provide this in care? Any suggestions how to cope with this? My dad can not handle my mom accusing him of hurting her and is shutting down he just leaves now and even sleeps in his truck to get away. At times I want to leave to but I once remembered what a loving person she can be without this fake show it feels like. I’m having trouble coping too it seems it is just getting worse. We have been really fighting for 8 months now trying to stabilize her. She has always had schizophrenia but these days are very difficult. Will she always have these delusions?


I’m sorry Chloe, I have a better understanding now. The delusions do get better but I’ve been told they are the last to go and sometime don’t go away. It is this way with my son.
There are some videos here on this site that are helpful and a book by the same name. " I am not sick and I don’t need help." They are helpful in learning ways to respond.


Hi Chloe, I think your mom is able to “use” normal type behavior to get herself released from the hospital. Or it can be that where you live doesn’t keep anyone with a brain disease in the hospital for very long. Its a problem a lot of families face.

I am learning that the delusions can be very hard-wired into their brains. Many will still have delusions for a long time, even while on meds.

Their anger at us, even though it is all a delusion, is real anger because they believe the delusions are real.


So,sorry Chloe, this must be so tough on you and your Dad.
My son can do this for so long too, he was once released after three weeks with no meds, he was back in hospital eight months later though.

It’s heartbreaking at times but you really should keep a record of your mums behaviour . Is there a mental health crisis team in your area? I’m in the uk so it’s different here.

You and your dad need to stick together and support each other. You need respite from your mom too.
Who is looking after you both, do you have a support worker etc?


I’ve been working on photo albums for my son of his (very nice) childhood. He thinks it was terrible. I had the photos in small books but am now putting them in larger books and in order (more or less - best I can). So far the baseball album has been appreciated. The one I’m working on now goes from 3 - 13 - 100 pages! It’s just an idea, I’m not sure if it will help but it’s helping me.