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My mom has schizophrenia

My mom has schizophrenia and it’s pretty tough to deal with most of the time her bizarre delusions and seeing her like this I don’t know if she is is taking her medicine or not.

How old are you? Do you live with your mom? Maybe you can remind her to take her medications everyday or give them to her if you do.

Are there other family members who can help you. Does she have a mental health support system such as a caseworker, psychiatrist, therapist. As her daughter it has to be so difficult to see your mother unwell. Please reach out to your local community for help. There are agencies out there more than willing help you and your family and of course you can come here to vent and express yourself.

Hello, welcome.

I go back to this page again and again:


My mom also has schizophrenia please reach out to the community a school counsellor, look up mental health facilities. For me I reached out to my family dentist. My mom went off her medication and things became unsafe. Reach out to other family members with your concern. Don’t be scared of stigma. It may be that your mom might need an injection if she can not take her medication. My mom goes every two weeks now to get hers. Just remember in your moms normal state these delusions are untrue she loves you. She is not herself right now. Try not to take things personally. Although it can feel like stab to the heart. Maybe she needs her medication altered. Reach out and practice self love. It can be really draining caring so much focus on something else find a hobby, sports, school, friends, music keep dreaming and making goals for yourself. Things will get better.