My mom is back

So my mom is back. It kind of sucks because I was all ready to get an apartment with my dad and start helping him out with his depression and with bills. That first evening my mom got mad at my dad because he turned off the cable when she was away. He’s paying her credit card bills that she thinks she doesn’t have, and she does not believe that he can’t afford the rent or cable.
I decided that night since I was in the area to pick my dad up from work. I was sitting in the car with my roommate waiting for him when suddenly my mom turns up to tell my dad off (she walked). We listened to her argue with him in the back seat during the entire ride back to their apartment. She thinks he pepper sprayed the bed. I have not seen them since that night, but I am sure she’s said and done some wild things by now.
I was wondering if it would be a good idea to talk to or write a letter to her neurologist about her behavior. My mom has epilepsy, and now that she’s back, she needs to see him at some point. I don’t know if he could even legally take my word into account, or if he would even be willing to listen, but I think he needs to know.

I think her neurologist can listen to you. I think writing him a letter is great idea. A lot of the times I will make list of what I want to tell my son’s treatment teams as it’s easy to forget things when talking.

As a family member I think your say would matter. Try not to get angry about a trying situation.

Providers definitely can and should listen to input from family. The legal restrictions are only on what they themselves can communicate.

Great, Thanks. I will get with my dad then, and we can write to my mom’s neurologist. Hopefully this will help. It’s been way too long.