Update Brother receiving treatment


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I’m glad your parent’s are listening to the social worker. I would have to say that the support that I get from the family counselor and other member’s of my sons team is a great help to me. They help me to understand what is behavior and what is SZ related so that I can put in place more appropriate boundaries. As much as my son complains about them he does better with them. My son is also on a waiting list to get into PACT as they provide more support then the early intervention program he is currently in. I’m glad things are looking up and that your brother is doing better.


My sister has been with an Sibling support group for years and I never really thought much about it. That was her thing. I was a bit puzzled why she could tell strangers about stuff she couldn’t tell me. But she just said it made her happy to go. So I didn’t make a big deal of it.

Her group has really upset her recently, due to a new facilitator and some very negative and hateful people that she says she just can’t take anymore. So she quit going. I’ve noticed a difference. She seems to be a bit lost. She says she misses the outlet, but she can’t handle the pure hate and anger of the people in her last group.

She was telling me that even in this time, with me starting to take better care of myself, it really helped her to talk to a non-family member and a non-involved person about trials and tribulations of seeing SZ on the outside looking in. I’m beginning to think she really misses this external support.

I’m now starting to see that we really are all in this together and support for the caregivers is just as important in this whole process as support for us.