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My mum is 74 and live in Carer to my sister... she shows signs of severe stress and is affecting her health

I recently moved with my husband 45 mins away

I need to lie just to cover up a something (hugely stressful to her)about my life
I’ve never kept anything from her

Are you not telling your mum for her sake?

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I have to show that I’m okay first.

I big secret is starting yoga again

Mum remembers all the drained from energy days, fixation on a teacher, participation in delusions in hospital… and religious change so bizarre to her.

Though this is me.

I feel like I’ve landed

She will be pleased when you can tell her you are doing yoga and you are okay.

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The mention of me doing a class would send her into a huge panic…
Going to have to lie for 2 or 3 months

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