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Wondering what to say to her? When she doesn’t have the capacity

Is there any way you can advise me?

Do I ask my sister (delusional frequently and massive depression and a bottle of whiskey a day) to take care of my mum more?
Who she has been assaulting verbally for years with the worst PTSD you ever can imagine
I think this sounds dangerous because she is liable to be mean even so
Mum said ‘don’t frighten Clare’
My mum has advanced osteoporosis and has compression fractures in her spine, causing a hunch (this is new)
It is still not without hope but there isn’t much when she’s been getting spinal compression fractures
I just bought my mum a ball thrower for tiny tennis ballls that the tiny dog, Ely likes
I’ve told her not to bend down to use the dishwasher

My advice that I’ve got from the Internet so far is very basic … tomorrow morning I’m going to phone the helpline and get help for us all just how to be educated - where to read reliable info and how to cope with stage 4 osteoporosis carer of an alcoholic
Whether she needs a care assistant on call, because if Clare can’t get to her feet and mum breaks something even on the way back up
Catastrophic thinking but not unlikely

I don’t think you can count in your sister for help. I would look to getting some outside help for your mom. Most insurance will cover some level of home care for the disabled.


We have the NHS here,
It’s very basic the care…
10 minutes a day for the most disabled
I think just a cleaner maybew

Do I even go through it with her and tell her do you think it would help?

I live because of an hour away

A friend found numbers of people who might be able to help
We don’t know in what form but I asked my mum and she agrees to something now