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My Schizophrenic sister and money


Hi I’m having a bit of a nightmare to be honest. My sister has Schizophrenia and my mum is in hospital which has been quite long term. My sister is her carer and I must admit she does a great job of it. Before my mum went into hospital they both lived together.They are both very close and share the same religion which is Jehovah’s Witnesses. My sister still resides in the house.

Anyway about a week ago we were on the way to the hospital. My sister talked about going to buy some beds but when going to pay the card was declined. It is my mums card but my sister uses it for shopping and certain bills come out of it. Anyway while at the hospital I decided to contact the bank. There were two big withdrawals one from a Morrison’s trip of over £500 and the other around £400 at B&Q. I asked my sister where she kept shop receipts. She said she puts them in the bin. Anyway after rumerging through the bin I found an enourmous till receipt from Morrison’s which was full of rubbish! Harderly any food so much so that the vat on it was £75. Asking where the B&Q receipt might be she said it might be upstairs. We go upstairs and there are a couple of large bags full of stuff. She said she’s doing up an old wardrobe of mine. To be honest it’s ready for the skip, no value to it. Within these bags were about about 20 pots of varnish. A sander with pads, I was so overwhelmed with the stuff but it probably all came to £400.

I managed to have a look at the bank statement which showed if she didn’t put money into the account she will be overdrawn as bills will be coming in soon. She kept saying that the man at the bank was lying and there is money in there! Eventually I got her to understand that with those big shopping trips the money is not in there. So she agreed to put money back in. The next day I contacted her to see if she had done so but she hadn’t and the conversation we had it seems she had totally forgotten about. When explaining to her again she agreed to put money back in but again she either changed her mind or forgot what I said.

The medication she was on was Seriqual. Since they changed suppliers it has caused all types of problems. She thinks because the packaging was different the medication was different. She then decided to take herself off the medication after maybe reading something that it effects her liver. Even before that I was concerened about her illness as she thinks the next door neighbor can hear her thoughts but after her taking herself off the medication things have got so much worse. She seems to think that she is better without the medication and the psychiatrist is talking rubbish. She says her head is clearer and she can concentrate better, so there is no way she will go back on medication. I am concerened about my mum coming home as I’m not sure she has the ability to look after her even though she thinks she has.

I am trying to get power of atterny for my mums money which my mum has agreed to but I’m not sure if it will make things worse because at the moment she is talking to me but if I do this it would make her very angry indeed! She might not let me access the house to see my mum. I have no key ( but working on this ) but even if I do she could change the locks. My mum has quite a few thousand in savings which she carn’t access. She can access my mum’s pension each week and the attendance allowance. Also my dad who passed away had a pension which is around £400 a month this is the account for bills which the huge shopping trips at B&Q and Morrison’s were made.

To top it all we went out this evening for something to eat in a pub. On the way home she talked about money going missing about £100 from her house. She was accusing me and the next door neighbour for taking it. She seemed to think because I knew there was money there I had taken it. She had even had the police around about it! Don’t think they belived her as I think they would have been around by now and she has been to the Police station before saying that the neighbour is getting into her thoughts.

My mum has made a Will which says my sister will inherit the house. The rest of the money in the bank I will inherit. I’m worried about my sister and the house because she is very vunerable and people will take advantage. I think when my mum passes away she will sell the house. To be honest it would be best if mum spilit the house and money in the bank 50/50 as it should be. That way I could be more in control.

Anyway thank you for taking the trouble to read this.

Please help



It sounds like you are doing what you can. Maybe talk to your mom about changing her will. You sister may get upset with you but I think making sure things are being taken care of is more important. Find out if your sister can legally stop you from seeing your mom. As long as she is living it’s your mom’s house not your sisters. Wishing you all the best.


This is a very late reply, but since you obviously live in the UK, one thing your mum can do is to draw up a will which puts the house in trust for your sister so she can live in it till she dies. After her death, it could then pass to someone else in the family (eg you, your mother’s grandchildren, etc, etc) and be sold. My brother-in-law’s relatives did this. It can stop anyone taking the house off her/conning her, etc. The trust can also put other restrictions on the property, who can live in it, whether they must pay rent or not, etc. all this would help to make her less vulnerable.


Hello, As a mother of a ill son, this is my advice. May be this is what your Mom should do too. I don’t know if she has a Lawyer, We do. She should have you as a power of Attorney to over see things . We have made our daughter as the power of Attorney and she is allowed to change things as necessary after We are dead. We have trust fund for our son which means the bank gives him only so much a month. I agree with Hatty1 regarding the house. I would do the same when I buy a house for my son. Right now he is in college so he is living with us. Smart thing is to talk to your Mom and have a Lawyer to
figure out what is best for you all. Good luck!


I think I behaved the same like your sister in managing money. My father is slowly trusting me in handling money. I hope I can have a little bit more of self-control in spending money.


You could have summed up your whole post with just this.


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