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My second episode

That is a good idea checking in to the hospital to see a psychiatrist sooner, but I am worried about the costs, and I do not want to put my parents through all the stress and difficult times as I did during my first episode last spring. Also, I don’t know if they will take me away somewhere to a mental institution. I am the first to have a mental illness in my family, and I don’t know how to explain this psychotic episode to my parents without worrying them to the extreme. because psychotic episodes are serious and scary, and I want my psychiatrist to explain it to my mom eventually,

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I My daughter took two years to finally have the courage to tell us what she has been dealing with…with the voices she had been hearing… struggling in silence…
She was afraid of how we would respond and didn’t want to worry us…
But also she went through a brief time when the voices were telling her that we couldn’t be trusted…
Now she is glad she finally told us…
Maybe it is a good idea for the psychiatrist to help you explain it to them…
The costs… yeah, we still don’t have the bill from the hospital yet… but many places do let you pay for it in monthly installments.

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Hello Onetreehill, Sorry to hear about your brothers illness. Let us know how your assessment went. And good that your mom went with you. Just here, AnnieNorCal


What exactly are you feeling that makes you think you are going through psychosis if you don’t mind me asking…


Just wanted to say that if you can make sure you are eating as well as you can and looking after your physical needs .Lots of protein if you can, a good steak if you feel you up to it.

You are reaching out and becoming self empowering which is a great asset. My best thoughts to you


I am sorry that your daughter went through all of that and you are probably right, given this is my second serious episode but third episode in all… I don’t want to burden my parents but I may need to be seen sooner

A loss of reality I don’t feel like myself, paranoia, disorganized speech and behavior, my memory is very poor currently, I’ve experienced this two times prior to this episode

Your symptoms could be exacerbated by something in addition to or other than a mental problem including a hormonal imbalance or hidden thyroid issue. It would be good to get an evaluation to rule these and other possible causes ruled out. Some people find frankincense or neroli oil to have a calming effect. I recently read someone posting positive results using lion’s mane, a mushroom. Many prayers and thoughts for a positive outcome!

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