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My shizophrenic friend dumped me...pls read

I have friend with shizophrenia. She is very nice but since yesterday she behaves weird. She accused me of things that I didn’t do without proof and behaved like different person. She also has multiple personallity disorder. I really like her and I don’t want to loose her but she snapped out of nowhere saying bad things. At the end she blocked me from all social media saying I shouldn’t be worried and that I should take care of myself. I am really worried for her. I think she had episode because she said she doesn’t believe anyone. Her sister is shizophrenic too and they both think I am out there to hurt them. Yes thank. I am just hurt & worried what would you suggest I do? I don’t want to sound stalky but in the end of 2017 they had over 100 friends now they are barely 15. Sometimes less… I noticed their friendship list changes all the time. That’s is also concerning. Her family doesn’t care for her and she isn’t on any meds…

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Hello and welcome to the forum
It sounds like the family is not involved? I’m not sure there is anything you can do other than maybe a chance meeting at one of you hangouts? These relationships can be very complicated. I would give it a rest for awhile, is anyone a danger to themselves? There are so many factors to consider. Maybe a mutual friend can reach out for you. Regardless of the illness my personal experience is you cannot force anyone to do anything, hopefully she will come around, take care AnnieNorCal
P.S. If there are concerns of mental or self care, you can talk to a social worker about their situation, especially if you think they are a danger to themselves. I.E. not able to provide proper food and environment for themselves. Sometimes our loved ones suffer from delusional states that need intervention. We owe it to our loved ones to at least try to offer help. But this may cause more problems. Shalom

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I will try to talk to her when she is stable

Sounds pretty chaotic.
While your friend might have a disorder.
And they might genuinely need help.
But, they are their own person (with a right to make their own decisions within the confines of the law) and you can’t really help someone who doesn’t want you around.
Maybe it’s okay to let them do as they please and carry on with worrying about your own affairs.

Not that I’m any sort of voice of reason or authority.

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Thank you I understand

I’m sorry to that you are going thru this w your friend. It’s hurtful to be accused of something untrue by a friend. Try not to take it personally. It seems many of us w friends or loved ones w sz become the subject of their delusions.

I agree w other posters here, give the friendship a break for a little while. Hopefully, she will reach out to you.

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@venelina_33 This is a terrible illness. You have to separate the person from the illness, but because of the illness, you can expect things that are not at all “normal”. If possible, you might consider reaching out to her family. They may not realize what is really going on or may be in denial about it. If you are interested in trying to hang on to the friendship, a NAMI Family-to-Family class is a great way to learn about the illness and about treatments and rsources that can help.

We talk again. Thanks

We talk again. Thanks tho :heart:

If and when your friend allows contact again, please realize that mental illness makes odd behavior happen. If she is having hallucinations (voices) or delusions (paranoid untrue beliefs) they can cause her odd behavior. It is that odd behavior that causes loss of friendship. The real person that you care for is still there, but sometimes the illness comes out in the open more often than the real person does. Be kind as you can, and don’t challenge the odd behavior. If she won’t allow you into her life, there is really nothing you can do.

I do suggest that you read up on schizophrenia and learn the disease as that will help you recognize what might be going on. The suggestion to contact her family is a good one, as maybe they don’t know. A true psychotic episode is very scary. If your friend can’t see that she is ill (called anosognosia) she may never be willing to medicate for a disease she doesn’t think she has. Reading on this site is very informative. Welcome to this site.