My son is scared to reveal his thoughts to physciatrist

I talk to my son daily on the phone and visit weekly, most days he is doing some new activity and has become a joy to talk to. A couple times in the last weeks he has told me that he can’t take it anymore, this constant chaos in his brain and the inability to watch tv, read, or sit still and he feels like he’s going to “snap”, he explains it as he’s losing his composure, that everyone thinks he’s well behaved , polite, and nice but that is just a mask to what he’s feeling. I told him to ask to see his shrink and let him know and he wants me there so he can have help expressing himself. He will not let the doc know what he’s thinking and feeling because he tells me if he is deemed as unstable they will take away his freedom privaleges. I tried to tell him I believe privaleges are based on behaviour and the doc can tweek his drugs to help him manage, and he is hospitlized for help, so get the help. I mentioned this in our last meeting with the doc , that my son is restless and to talk to the doc one on one, that as good as this doc is , he’s not a mind reader. The doc basically said it’s part of the illness. It’s so sad to hear my kid say things like, I’m losing my mind, and I’m crazy. Yet I feel like a good mom that he trusts me to tell me everything, and I think he listens to my advice. I have a really good kid most of the time. I am truly blessed.


You are blessed, and so is your son. He’s so ahead of the game that he can see what’s going on.

I hope he follows your advice.


It’s really good he trusts you.

Did you tell him that the majority of so-called normal individuals are often internally on the verge of snapping in some way and that we all hide our true feelings the vast majority most of the time? That means he is doing well, if he can behave.

I think it’s right to get him help if he feels like he might lose control of his behavior.


It’s great that your son trusts you. My son also never mentions problems at his visits with his doctor. His memory is so bad, he often forgets to mention issues, there are times he feels we, the doctor and I, are tricking him, or that he just can’t focus when his thoughts are racing. This is why I go to his visits with him. Since I am his primary source of care, it also helps me to know what he is being told by the doctor.
He apparently has a handle on his behavior, so I would think that if that is the case they will not take away his freedom if he tells them what he is experiencing. They are there to help. Hopefully they can adjust his medication to help alleviate any problems he is experiencing.
It really is a good idea for you to attend his visits, especially if he wants you there to help him convey what he is experiencing.

My son also seems good, but has the same issues as your son. Racing thoughts, restlessness seems common with SZ. But he likes his counsellor and confines in him and us. Which is major.
One day at a time. We all have bad days.

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We have tried a cornucopia of medications and none of them have gotten rid of all of the symptoms.
Perhaps you could speak to the doctor over the phone if you are unable to go to your son’s appointments. Tell the doctor your concerns.

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@homie01 Maybe you could write a detailed letter to the doctor explaining everything…leave him your phone number in case he has questions.