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My son Lou update

Hello to all of you on this forum. It’s been awhile since my post and for those of you who know my son’s story, my son is the 1%.
Just an update about Lou;
For 3 years, my son has been in an evaluation situation between the judicial system and the state hospital.
My family and son have been treated very well thru the system and with his care. I am truly grateful for the grace and mercy shown to us.
Lou will not be going to trial and has accepted a plea of 7 years to life. Lou is being transferred to a state facility where he will continue to live and get help. From what I can read online the facility is a rehabilitation center that offers vocational and other programs of education as well as mental health.
This has been such a traumatic situation for our family and Lou. For those of you who have read my story, (my earlier posts) Lou was in a terrible accident which eventually lead to a horrific assault.
I just wanted you all to know that we are doing okay. Eventually I pray that Lou will reach out to us and we will be able to visit him.
Until then, we wait patiently and say our prayers for his recovery, Shalom- AnnieNorCal


Thank you so much for writing about what is happening. What a relief that he will not go to trial. I hope eventually when he is in his new program you will be able to re-connect. I’m glad it sounds like he’s in a program where they will be helping him.

Such a sad story but you have a really good outlook.

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Thank you, acceptance of our situation

[quote=“AnnieNorCal, post:1, topic:8944”]
has accepted a plea of 7 years to life
Glad he is not going on trial. do you mean he will be in state Jail hospital for 7 years?
I hear that State Hospital has better programs that county Hospitals.
He will be get better with vocational and other programs of education and mental health.
I know it is so hard for you. God bless you and your family and give your continuous strength.

My son is far away for me and he has been in a Conservator-ship program for almost 2 years and 3 months in a county hospital in California. He has get better but he is still have some delusional thoughts.
I hope they change his medicine to Clozapine so his delusions will reduce.
he is still not convince on staying on medicine after he is release. I am trying to delay his release from the hospital
He calls me and beg me to get out but I keep telling you have to get better. it is very hard to do but this is the only way.
I have had my share of anxiety and challenging circumstances with my son in the past 4 years. he has been homeless at times and he has been in Jail couple times for short times period of time. he had traveled through Airports and lost his ID and his wallet.
his situation is a lot better now than 3 years ago. Thanks God.
the fact that he is non-compliant on medicine is worrying me.
I have a friend who has been checking on my son almost daily in the past 2 years and also my brother in California. without their Support, my anxiety would had been worse.

Hung in there, things will get better for your family.
praying for your family.

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Oh Annie! I can’t think of anything else to say. I am so sorry. I hope its okay to say that, it’s just how I feel.


Thank you for providing this update, @AnnieNorCal! I have a friend in a similar situation with jail time and not responding to or even acknowledging the family. I can appreciate the relief that at least his basic needs are to be provided for and hopefully some treatment that will help. What a hard thing to accept and yet we do learn that we cannot fix everything. I’m saying a prayer for his improvement and especially for your peace in this journey.


Thank you for the update on your son’s situation. I think of you both often. It sounds like it has gone as well as maybe it could go. Except that he remains out of communication with you. That must hurt you a lot, I’m sorry that situation hasn’t changed.


@AnnieNorCal, I hope you can all somehow begin to heal from this terrible trauma. I’m praying that Lou will reach out to you. Peace to Lou. Peace to you all.


I just want to thank you all for being so kind, understanding and non judgmental. I think you all understand that this could happen to anyone of our loved ones.
We are all good people dealing with extreme situations and none are excluded from suffering. Don’t really like it and nor do i understand and question “why” all the time. But as I’ve said we are grateful and time has made it a little easier, I associate with what losing a loved one might feel like.
Peace to you all, I’ll check in again annie


Oh Annie I think of you and Lou often. I am so happy that there will be no trial. I know in time that you will get to see Lou. You have been so kind to me and tried to help in my situation with my own son. I will pray that you get to see Lou soon!


Annie, I’m glad to hear an update. It’s been a long three years with many unknowns. I am hoping that the facility where he is offers decent therapy and occupational programs, My son at the state hospital is fed up with the hollow offerings and is ready to move on and doing very well. I hope that Lou will reach out to you and that you will be able to visit him. That’s what has made my son’s confinement bearable- a weekly visit. Take a deep breath now- this is your new normal.


@AnnieNorCal: I am sorry to hear it, I am here with you in this process.
Hugs virtually.

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Hello to all of you and others here on this forum. I am trying to message you all personally, it’s been while since I’ve been active on the site, having some difficulty moving around on the site and I have a new phone, so it is a little change from the old phone.
I just wanted to thank you all for your responses.
I am writing a letter to the facility regarding Lou. So far we have not received any return calls, so still waiting on that. We understand that Lou has to reach out to us, but you would think admin or a social worker would at least return a reply.
Love to you all, Annie


Just wondering @AnnieNorCal does he have a social worker or an attorney that could get him to touch base with you? It must be so difficult no hearing how he is doing.

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It must be so hard and frustrating to wait. Chances are, they are understaffed, or likely, also, that there are still SO many people that don’t understand mental illness. You can keep calling…I know you are always polite. I am an advocate for a “killing them with kindness” approach!

Hi Annie,
That has to be so hard not knowing and not being able to contact him. Is that even legal? Sure seems that the family should be advised of ALL things involving him even if he is an adult. Has he signed a ROI with the Dr.'s and facility? That seems crazy that you are not kept informed of his care, well being etc.? I hope you get answers soon as this is part of this on going problem of not allowing family and caregivers to be included in ALL decision making for our loved ones. Seems very backwards and unethical. Wishing you and your family the best and hope you have some information very soon.
Take Care of YOU!