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Tell us how you are?

It’s been awhile since my last post. For those of you who are familiar with my son Lou, and those who are not you are welcome to read my post.
We finally heard news from the attorney, Lou will not be tried in a court at this time. He is going to stay in the care of a state hospital that specializes in cases like my sons. I guess that is good news. A happy sad story. We have not had much contact wit Lou.
That’s all for now, AnnieNorCal


Hi Annie, thank you for your post and update on Lou. I think of you often, and am sorry that you still don’t have much contact with Lou. Perhaps there is some comfort that you know where he is. I hope so.

My daughter continues to do well on her monthly injection. It has become a routine to her now.


Thanks for the update Annie.

My son continues to live on his own. He did have to change apartments this year when he began having delusions about a neighbor.

He still works a couple of hours a month. He seems quite happy in his new place.