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Update about my son

Hello all,
For those of you who do not know about my son, I’ll give you the short version. In September of 2016 my son was in an auto accident which took several months of recovery from all the physical damage. Lou is currently in a forensically committed hospital. You can read about Lou in my activity under My Sons Accident and My Sons Assault.
Just an update: for the past year Lou has been between the judicial system and hospital. For the last year he has been in a competency hearing. Our only contact has ceen the website where he was arrested. Last week, his name was removed as he is no longer in the custody of the jail system. We await news of his whereabouts. Because of HIPAA Act we have very little information about his situation or conditiin and have not spoken to him or visited him in quite some time. Hoping for some news this week.
Lou has a court appointed attorney who has been very gracious with us and we hope Lou is being treated fairly and kindly. There have been many caring people that have helped Lou, and we are very thankful. Wish we knew a little more.
Take care all, AnnieNorCal

Thank you for the update @AnnieNorCal. I will be praying :pray:

Hi Annie,

I hope you get news about Lou soon. I’ll be thinking about you and hoping for a good outcome.