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My son was switched to Vraylar. Any experience?

I asked my son’s psychiatrist to switch him from Resperidone to Vraylar because it’s reported in the medical literature that it has less metabolic side effects (obesity high blood pressure and diabetes). He tapered the Resperidone over four days and that was too fast. Started to have strange behavior so we increased the Resperidone. I read it takes 8-12 weeks for full effect. Anyone have experience with this?

My daughter went from Risperidone to Vraylar and I thought Vraylar was working although very expensive and insurance didn’t like paying for it, but the psychiatrist got it through she seemed a lot happier and very energetic, some good and not. She of coarse stopped taking it a few weeks out of the hospital. Sorry not a lot of experience with it except Risperidone was horrible for my daughter, she vomited a lot messed with her eyesight caused her to be so slow she started peeing herself and she didn’t know she was doing it, it was really bad. She seemed not to have any side effects for the Vraylar except I think it made her hyper.

My understanding of Vraylar is it’s similar to Abilify but different enough to warrant a patent which is why it’s expensive, because there’s no generic and insurance companies don’t tend to put it on their preferred drug lists. It’s also “activating” which can make some people “hyper” and fidgety. The up-side is it tends to cause less weight gain and somnolence (sleepiness). It also can help with mood stabilizing, and is prescribed to people with bipolar and schizoaffective disorders. I spoke to my psychiatrist about it and he said it didn’t seem to have enough advantages over Abilify for him to prescribe it.

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Hello maggotbrane, love the name, my daughters doctor said something to her about a 6 month shot Invega do you know much about that, you seem very up on things and very intelligent. Just wondering about y our oppinion?

No direct experience with Invega or any injectables, sorry. I normally direct people to the site, but it looks like the project is substantially changed to a searchable archive and not very useful. There was an archive of the old site, but I can’t seem to find it.