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Vraylar vs Rexulti

First I want to thank everyone for their feedback on my last post. Switching meds is so stressful and trying to find the right combo along with adding good vitamins that will actually feed the body is always a challenge. We have been transferring off of Rexulti, which worked great for a bit, onto Vraylar. We only have samples from the pdoc right now and are trying to go slow. That seems to work better with detoxing off the old. Going too fast is a nightmare. Anyways. I’m just checking to see if anyone else has tried this for their family member and what the result has been.
Thank you in advance,

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Hi Trixiedb1,

Posting because there has not been a response yet. Unfortunately, I don’t have any personal experience with this and wanted to recommend you check out the other forum on the website for medication discussion, where there might be more response or even previous postings about your particular question.

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I joined a web group called “Health Care Magic” because they enable people to email specialty doctors to ask questions. I have gotten answers to some of my psychiatry related questions that way.

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how’d the vraylar work out? Did they stay on it?