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New Medication - Vraylar - some success for us


My son recently started a new medication. It is called Vraylar. It seems to be helping him. I notice a clarity that wasn’t quite there before. He has stopped the seroquel as this med replaces it. But he
is still taking welbutrin also. The doctor has had some amazing results he said with this new med. Has anyone else tried Vraylar?


It was one of the drugs my son’s pdoc tried in an attempt to get him medication compliant.

My son only took it for a short while. He didn’t have any side effects, but it wasn’t right for him. I had high hopes for it. He’s on Invega now & it seems to be working pretty well for him, but he’s just at the month & a half point with it.


My son is starting it tomorrow. He was recommended to have ECT but refused. I’m glad to see that it’ helpful for your son. My son is the first of his Drs patients to be on it so I was feeling pretty nervous about it but at this point we have to do something and running out of options