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NAMI - You are not alone - Schizoaffective - Earl's short story

My name is Earle, I was diagnosed in February of 1996 with this disorder and have had many ups and downs. At first I turned to drugs to help deal with the voices, this only got me in trouble with the law and bad kids in town. I ended up not taking my medication because the voices told me I was better. Two weeks later I ended up back in a lock down hospital facility in Northern California. Now I live in South western Missouri and after 15 years of taking my medication religiously on schedule I have finished my Masters Degree in Business Administration and I am working on a Doctorate degree in Organizational Leadership and Organizational Development. The key to success is focus. When we focus on the illness we get consumed in the moment, when we focus on other things in life, may it be a butterfly in the window or the sound of a train in the distance we can avoid the consumption of the illness. I have learned through therapy to focus on School and family and not become consumed with self pitty and suffering.

I still hear the voices from time to time but avoid contact with others and seek out medical assistance when it becomes more than I can handle. Remember help is just a phone call away. Call a family member, doctor help line, or even a friend before you get in trouble with the law. Been there done that, don’t want to go back. You can do it just believe in yourself and trust in the medication. I am a Survivor.

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I was reading a recent mental health book printed in 2013 and for the first time I came across a section for Schizoaffective.

Usually I see this topic either foot noted in the SZ section or sub-sectioned in the Bipolar section.

This past week was the very first time I’ve ever seen Schizoaffective given it’s own honest section and treated like it’s own independent illness and spoken of with it’s own challenges.

I’m not convinced I don’t have some schizoaffective qualities… or that my label might be shifting again… what ever it is… It’s nice to see this topic given the independent consideration it deserves.

I shared my story on there. Thanks for inspiring me :slight_smile:

Earle - You made my day with this wonderful success story. Thank you for sharing!

Earl, what an inspiration you are to me and all those suffering from this illness. My son also suffers from this or schizophrenia (not sure yet). He is currently refusing to take his meds due to bad tremors and thinks he’s being poisoned. I just pray someday he will realize his illness and be able to do what he needs to do to get better so he can find happiness again! Thanks for sharing!