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Need help nmy son not taking meds

my son has not been taking his medication and he seems not able to get any help from the hospital they say he is fine and I cant deal with this any more need help

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I wish I had an answer for you, but I don’t. We too struggle with my son (20yo) that will not take meds. He never has been compliant, and was initially diagnosed over a year ago. Although he had a significant psychotic break in July of this year and he has a severe thought disorder, his struggle for the moment is with negative symptoms, flattened affect, poverty of speech, isolating behaviors, sleeplessness, and mood issues…but we know that severe psychosis could be around the next corner. We told him he had to see a psychiatrist and follow through or move out. We started this in November. He has seen the psychiatrist, but has not followed through with the medication recommendation. We will be drawing a line after his visit with the psychiatrist on January 2nd…and it is to comply or move on. We have even found a place for him for a voluntary admission if need be.

We have guardianship, so have access to all of his records, but are powerless to execute the next step until a crisis or we could display him gravely disabled (which we may be able to do now…but it is possible that we will not be successful). Guardianship is only temporary currently. We have a permanent court date in March.

For us, it is currently about drawing a line, as we are his complete caregivers at this time. He is not able to work, so he will have to choose what his future will hold. We simply will not continue to enable this kind of decision making.

Wishing you success in your own situation. It is truly not an easy road. So, so, difficult when there is an absence of insight for our loved ones…paired with denial.


Only the court itself can force people to take medication against their will.

There are lots of ways to try prior to involuntary treatment happening and I hope you find a way that works.

Bribes, deals, contracts, agreements…

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You said the hospital? Isn’t he seen as an outpatient by his pdoc? I see my outpatient pdoc each month. If he doesn’t like the side effects with his meds, try another med.

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Do you know a local mental health crisis line you can call?

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