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Son decides not to take meds


I am very stressed after 1 1/2 years my son decides to stop his meds…How to deal with this roller-coaster ride? Hoping he will decide to get back on meds…really don’t know if I am ready for this Watching him go downhill again…


Ah, shoot @pattywagon1! I try not to worry about my son doing the same thing, but I know it will always be a possibility, as long as his insight is poor. I’m so sorry to hear this.

I think this is why I will retain guardianship for a very long time. Even if my son were to recover to the point of managing his daily life, unless he has complete insight into his illness, it would scare me to let guardianship go.


**I know this! My son is in the hospital as we speak. Not sure if i can fight this anymore-do not even want to.
The only thing Im doing now is trying to form a net ( he keeps punching holes through them!!!) and befriend the police and neighbors and go to NAMI. I cannot get help from the people that are supposed to be helping. Sorry he is making this decision-hope he changes his mind!** Are we ever ready? Im too old for this now as the sole caretaker.


My son did the same thing in April of 2015… you just have to let them go until it’s time to recommit them… I did that. I had him put in the hospital in June of 2015 and they started him back on his injection of Invega Sustenna… he was on it until June of 2016, when he decided to get on the 3 month Invega Trinza injection… all is good. They go through that I don’t need meds stage sometimes… it will be okay, just be strong and when he starts doing strange things and acting like he’s going to be manic, put him in the hospital. I had to call the police, but ultimately he went without assistance. They need us. Good luck.


@pattywagon1 I am so sorry to hear that your son has stopped his meds, I hope he will reconsider. @Vallpen I think the same thing about my own son and his overall lack of insight, fortunately so far he has been compliant with meds, but I have heard stories from caretakers and schizophrenics alike that there is no guarantee on anything, compliance or efficacy of medicines long term- so I keep guardianship for that reason. It is the only way I can truly advocate on his behalf if he should he become very ill again.