Need help with emoticons

Can anyone tell me how to get emoticons to transfer to a post? I can get the smiley face by simply typing colon and paren. When I do this the drop down list appears with other emoticons but when I click on any of them they don’t transfer to my post, just the actual word for it does.

yes it will show it as a word where you type it but in the preview pane it should show the smiley face.

The smiley face I do get and see in the preview pane, but that doesn’t happen with the other emoticons in the drop down menu that appears. idk

hmm not sure. I know sometimes I have to keep typing to see it appear in the preview pane. Try posting with just the word and see if it appears here.


Well it just made a liar out of me lol. Here’s the wink. But I swear several times I have tried with other emoticons and it just wouldn’t work :blush:

Here is another question – when typing a post how can one get a list of all of the various emoticons available, other than just faces?

I think SurprisedJ can answer that one the best. I don’t know how he finds the ones that he does. I think you kind of need to know the name of it to use it. So “:smirk_cat” or “:thumbsup”

@SzAdmin A way to access the list of all emoticons available would be cool actually :wink:

Probably so. @SurprisedJ? Need your expertise pls.

Here is a list of all the emoticons:

They all work here.



:clap: :star2: :heart_eyes:

Yay, this is going to be fun :smiley: Thank you!!