Family and Caregiver Schizophrenia Discussion Forum

Just found out my partner is on the

Autistic spectrum .
I will have to find a forum for this…
Thank you everybody on here
My partner was misdiagnosed at a young age
And we are almost positive to the tee
That she is autistic
We are going to get a diagnosis here soon…
Please if anybody has any advice on this
It would be very useful…
Thank you for everything and the support the community has brought…


my husband also.

he is quite non verbal in his communication sometimes

I am AS too
we get each other wrong all the time
i find it funny but he gets frustrated


Hi @TheSunshineMaras . It’s funny, I was just thinking of you tonight and your struggles with TD and getting your loved one off of anti-psychotics. I’m glad you posted. Wow, undiagnosed autism. I’m sorry this wasn’t spotted earlier, but happy it is being checked out now.

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I work with students on the spectrum and it is not uncommon to see comorbid psychosis, anxiety, ADHD. I believe that they overlap at a pretty high rate.


Yeah it’s been difficult lately
But not too bad in the literal sense…
When things flow as they are supposed to which isn’t always
Things end up good
There’s been a lot of anxiety ,depression,and stress
Also a lot of misunderstandings…
But almost about a few times a week we have misunderstandings
If we practice good communication skills and speak very clearly
And even so
We don’t even have a good understanding after everything
But we manage to find a ground of understanding after talking for about 20mins
That would typically take more functional people about a minute …

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We have good days and bad days
Is what I’m trying to get at…
We are going to push forward on the best kind of therapies we can do…
And we had a serious talk today
And we are willing to do whatever it takes to get better … even if that means taking a small dose of a AP if needed…
Since we found this out
We won’t be taking this healing journey so lightly
And get into more kundalini yoga
And different therapies that benefit people with Aspergers…
It seems we got like 65% managed
It’d be helpful if we can hit at least 75%-80%
With alternatives…
Anyways back to doing more research specifically on this topic
I’ve been seeing your post on the research you’ve posted on the hydrogenated water!
About how it reduces up to 47% oxidative stress
I found that super interesting
I was hoping if you can help me out with our journey with everything else you know…
Thanks a lot
And you’ve been very helpful with the way you’ve come and communicated your findings with the community that needs it the most
Thanks man!

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Appreciate the thanks!

My headache was recovering nicely, but all it took was one trip to the post office to get stressed out and relapse with another headache, erasing weeks of healing.

I think I need daily walks to strengthen my brain against stress, even though it feels like something’s going to burst. I’m just thinking if something’s is going to go wrong healthwisr, let it go wrong in style, not just sitting at home hiding.

I’d recommend anyone that isn’t well mentally to go on daily walks, once or twice a day, for half an hour each time, to condition the brain to withstand stress, otherwise your recovery will be erased at the first exposure to mixed company.

Also, I’m going to experiment with a mitochondrial antioxidant, SkQ1, that is so effective it’s being touted as a literal fountain of youth! It extends life by 10% and reduces the rate of unnatural death by around half, since it does such a good job healing and maintaining the body!

It is shown to be as effective as a 1,000,000x dose of N-acetylcystine, and has such a strong antioxidant effect it can even reverse cataracts!

It is like mutant healing factor (for those who have seen X-Men.) Rapid healing.

It is in trials to be released for purchase in the US, and will be available in 2-5 years. It is already available in eyedrop form in Russia.

I’m going to buy a sample from an Alibaba merchant, but the main supplier is out of stock. If it were in stock, the 10 gram minimum would last 1 person over 8 years at therapeutic levels, and only cost $300 USD shipped.

So, in the coming weeks I’ll be trying out this stuff. Anything to cure my chronic headache that keeps coming back.

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Please let me know how that goes !
That is very interesting…!
Do you do any kind of therapy by any chance?

This is a great website with lots of good information.