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New supplement idea (potassium iodide) (possible actual treatment?) (warning)

Okay, this new avenue of treatment is based on the idea that 12 of 17 schizophrenic members in a study had traces of bartonella in their blood after a PCR test for it, while only 1 in 13 of the control group did.

Now bartonella being a spirochete, a spirocheticidal would be called for here. I searched for one that is cost effective and ubiquitous and found potassium iodide, basically thyroid protection pills (the kind used to protect your thyroid from radioactive iodine.)

I can’t remember the train of thought employed here but I found that late syphillis was once treated with potassium iodide, from 20-60 grains of the stuff (about 1-3 grams.) ( About 1/5th of a teaspoon in a capsule is approx 20 grains.

Now, the warning here is it actually oxidizes your antipsychotic. Take the chemical formula for invega sustenna:


Iodine displaces fluoride, and oxidizes the benzene rings as well. The med is rendered ineffectual as a result. But the potassium iodide at the same time likely nailed the underlying cause of schizophrenia to begin with, the spirochete infection, so your symptoms will likely reduce.

Gut-brain axis issues can make the blood-brain barrier weak and prone to reinfection though, so do due diligence here. I’d say ample vitamin d3 intake (10,000 IU daily minimum) or at least an hour outside a day, and a switch to gluten-free foods (sourdough is 97% gluten reduced, it’s my favourite staple here) would do you well.

I am currently on invega but experiencing no side effects to speak of, positive or negative. My mental state is about 85% normal, with the remainder being probably poor mental hygiene (lack of training.)

A product like this, $25, would do the job. No brand, just a reagent quality supplement.

I should also add that syphillis is a spirochete and known to cause psychosis in extreme cases.