Niece had surgery to remove the thyroid due to cancer...update

Yesterday they had Madison’s surgery and it was successful. Now we sit and wait until the pathology report friday or monday to let us know what stage and type of cancer that she has. My sister is very upset. My mom is confident we can beat it with radiation and chemo if necessary. I feel upset but I’m praying as hard as I can. It’s in God’s hands now.

That’s great man! It’s gonna work out just fine.

Im glad the surgery went fine. Ill keep her in my prayers.

Glad the surgery went well. I’m wishing the best for you and your family. good luck and hang in there.

Glad the surgery went well, everything will be fine

Glad it went well. Big hug of bravery to your niece and a hug of streangth to the rest of you.

It’s good news that your niece’s surgery went well. We’re all pulling for her.

So glad she came through her surgery.
Hugs to you!

I appreciate all your replies…thank you for your concern…what gets me is that there are a lot of people on here I used to consider my friends that haven’t replied on here…big disappointment…shows me where they stand though. fine, I don’t need anyone anyways…I’ll return the favor when they seem like they need support too.

Does your niece now need to take medication to replace the hormones the thyroid puts out? Just curious. Anyways, glad she’s in one piece and doing well. Hopefully that is the end of that, and chemo and/or radiation won’t be necessary.

I’m pretty sure she will have to take synthroid. thanks for posting @alien99

Yeah man. Sucks to have to be on lifelong medication. Sucks even more to have cancer though. Fingers crossed for your family. Having been through numerous surgeries myself, I know all about the post-op risks such as infection, nerve damage, etc. I sure hope none of that happens to her. Too young for that bullshit.

yeah, absolutely…I’m just afraid because she is such a tiny thing that if she needs chemo and radiation that it doesn’t overwhelm her.

Well, it is taxing on the body. My mom went through several years of chemo and radiation. They base it on weight though, so she wouldn’t be receiving an adult dose. Still though, I certainly understand your concern. Hang in there juke! I’m on your side. :wink: