My 25 yr. old niece is having a cancer scare. no results back yet

She had 10 times the amount of antibodies than normal and they did 9 biopsies on lumps around her thyroid gland. won’t get results for 10 days. My sister has been crying but my mom is wise and she told all of us even if Madison needs chemo she has a great chance of defeating it if it’s cancer. that made me feel better. I am praying hard for her. All prayers welcome.

Sending some hope your way… and rooting for you family.

I do hope it will turn out to be quickly over come. Better yet… benign

well i just said a prayer for her michael…stay strong, much love jayne x

I hope everything goes well. I have heard that some antibiotics can help against cancer. I found the site: (Hope it helps) Has an 8-year-old girl just found a cure for cancer? | Metro News

Prayers to your neice, family and you too @jukebox, may you all stay strong through this.
Buena Suerte!

Sending in positive thoughts your way @jukebox - i am sure all will be well

Sending positive vibe your way, jukebox. Hope everything goes well soon.

I hope the results are negative, that she hasn’t cancer. I wish you streangth and peace in mind.

mrs. sith had stage 4 cancer, her best friend and her partner had cancer, her aunt has cancer and doing well, and her cousins…2 of them and their mother…all had cancer…all survived.
people do survive cancer.
i am sending :hearts: 's
take care :alien:

It may not be cancer. It might be just hyperthyroidism. She’d still need an op but not a big one. And, anyway, as Sith said, even if its cancer, she can still be treated and cured. Prayers for her.

I don’t pray but I hope things turn out well.

Prayers and sending an :angel: your way.

Sending Prayers for your family my friend.