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Niece has to go through radiation now

I would just like to say that my wonderful sweet petite niece that is 25 years old has had her thyroid removed due to cancer and now has to go through radiation. Silver lining is that she won’t require chemo. I am relieved. My ex wife and I while married had her have to have breast cancer removed. she had radiation treatments as well…it’s kind of a like a very long chore that has to be done every day. for a long time. I hate to know she is going to have to go through any of this and I am struggling for hope in that regard…I feel very tired of life because of this.

I will pray for you and your niece @jukebox.

Ahhh $hit, that sucks. Was hoping that radiation wouldn’t be necessary. Don’t get down on life though, just be glad it was discovered in time and that it wasn’t worse. Hang in there @jukebox.

It’ll be alright. If they aren’t doing chemo as well that is probably a really good sign.

yes, radiation is troublesome but it does mean it’s contained too…so that’s really good…I had just heard the news when I posted and I’m not so down anymore…she will finish the radiation treatments and she will be fine…so no reason to be sad. thanks @alien99 and @SoitGoes

and thank you so much @lagoonlovely we need all the prayers we can get.

I’m sorry your niece has to do this. I’m glad it’s an option. Hopefully she’ll be able to bounce back soon and strong. It’s very sad this had to hit her so young. But on the other hand… her age might be a plus for her.

I’m wishing for the best out come for you all.

Good luck @jukebox I hope you will be Ok too… It’s never easy watching a loved one go through this.

I’m very sorry your niece has to go through this. I’ll never understand why such bad things happen to people. Cancer is such a horrifying thing. Our thoughts and our prayers are with you and your niece. Don’ t lose hope.

**Glad she made it through surgery ok. I`ll be saying a prayer for her :bow: **

I will keep her in my thoughts for a speedy recovery :purple_heart: