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25 year old niece has been confirmed...pappilary cancer of thyroid

She’s having her whole thyroid gland removed this week and they won’t know if she’s going to need chemo or radiation until they remove the gland for some reason. Frustrating. I am praying for her and I hope some of you that pray will too. She is precious to me.

Well it sounds like they have a plan. You gotta see it as a good thing that they found it.

Take Care man,

I’m sure she’ll be fine.

I’ll keep you all in my thoughts today. I’m happy they found it and can remove it. Big hugs to you. :heart:

I’m sorry it turned out this way. I hope the rest of the procedure goes well and she can beat this with help and, love and family.

Wishing the best for all of you.

Good luck to you and your niece

Hugs & prayers


Sending good vibes to your niece. :purple_heart:

Sorry she’s going through this
Prayers xx

I’m sorry for such bad news. I’ll remember you in my thoughts and in my prayers.

Sorry man! I will keep her in my prayers.

I am sorry to hear about this @jukebox - but on the bright side, thyroid cancer usually has a very good prognosis - I will send out positive vibes

She is young and will get through this-you will too.
Sending good thoughts your way-much love :cherry_blossom:

Yes, prayers for her and you.