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No responsibility for actions ..!Out of line

My child’s father is not taking his meds . He just recently got mad at me and posted on his Facebook horrible things about me . Literally for the last 3 days he goes on these rants . Even calling me overweight in one of them . I just had a 9lb baby !! He’s mad because I’m not budging on being with him , he’s not in the right mental space for a relationship! And his antics that he just pulled shows me that . He even got on Facebook saying I was a bad mother and threatening to call my job and say I was stealing (which I’m not ) . It’s sad but I deleted my Facebook because of how embarrassing it was . I’m taking my son away from him until he gets help! I dont care if its weeks or years ! I can’t have that type of behavior around my baby he’s only 4 months !

My opinion: social media and mental illness do not mix.

Facebook is especially bad, because anonymous or pseudonymous individual accounts are against the usage agreement, and they maintain shadow accounts on people who do not use public media.

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fuck him, don’t let it bother you…

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Trying my hardest not to ! Best response I’ve gotten since I been on this site :rofl:

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