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Co parenting is overwhelming

So my child’s father is on and off meds . Our baby is 1 and just recently we got Into an altercation about meds . I told him he can’t come around the baby until he is taking his meds everyday ! He goes on this rant and starts name calling I had to literally push him out of my house .

I get a phone call 3 days later from his grandmother she is saying I slapped him and she just starts saying all of these lies he told her ! He told her my house was dirty , he told her I don’t take care of my kids all types of lies and for some reason she believed him ! His mom even text me saying ima fat bitch and he’s better off not around me and I’m confused as to what did he tell these people to make them think these things are true! I’m trying to find a way to have his parental rights taken away because this entire situation is too much for me or my child to go through . He told me he didn’t want my child if he couldn’t have me ! And that statement speaks volumes

Don’t even waste your time talking to his family members. Period. When they call just say “I need to keep my peace of mind. I do not wish to talk to you”. And hang up. It is tempting to keep the conversation, but do not. Stay strong, you may need to do a protection order to keep him off. This could be an incentive for him to get back to meds.

Yes. You are so right ! I instantly went into defensive mode knowing it wasn’t true what they were saying but it only made it worse! I’m going to look into this protection order tomorrow ! Thank you so much