Not a so good day


Morning:i went to play badminton with my dad and cousin,i always had trouble connecting with my cousin,my cousin is a happy person in nature,while i am still trying to learn to be happy,so the whole morning i played badminton.

Afternoon,i took my lunch and stayed at home the whole afternoon,and i received a message from my “girlfriend”,i typed "girlfriend"because we are still working to understand each other,to see if we can move forward this relationship

Evening:i went to the bank with my dad,after we bank in the money we go to buy our food and enjoyed our food at home

Night: we watched football(EPL) all night,this is the whole of my sunday

I think my sunday is a very normal and relaxing one,the positive of today is that i did what i suppose to do,means i am responsible

how is your day?


Today is Sunday and it’s cool and lightly misting. My sis is still asleep after playing designated driver last night and I think there’s more to that situation, but she’s not telling me yet.

When she wakes up, it will be adventure Sunday. Since she’s been too busy to pick… I’m picking frisbee in the park and then going to the farmers market in Old town Ballard.


It looks like it’s about to rain here. I woke up a few hours ago and had a cup of coffee outside with my parents. Then I started talking to my boyfriend, I made my bed, and now I’m trying to decide if I should prepare for classes which start next week, or spend the day chilling out…


Well it’s been on one hand a bit of a relief as my parents weekend company left this morning (I live in an apartment above their garage) so I feel more comfortable around the house and my mom is acting normal again. But the internet connection has gone down four times this morning. They are coming to switch out the router Tuesday but it has been a living hell let me tell you. I ran out of cigarettes and am not thrilled about the idea of going to get more but I will…I will. Had a bit of a shock this morning when a woman who I checked out of a hospital and gallivanted around New England with for a while was not only mentioned on this forum but a picture of her was posted…yikes! Small world. It is however a bit on the humid side so I’m guessing that will only get worse as the day goes on but otherwise it is a beautiful Sunday late morning.

Why is this in the family category by the way?


I always pick chilling out… maybe I shouldn’t. But hanging loose on a gray cool day, not having pressing plans… those are my favorite sort of days.


True. I think I’ll spend some time washing my car…seems silly if it’s going to rain. But the inside needs a little TLC as well. My mom said she’d take it to the car wash and then I guess I’ll clean out the inside. I’m not sure. But I suppose doing something productive will help calm my nerves. They were bad yesterday, but one I took a Klonopin and started to do something productive I felt a lot better.


There are times when cleaning or gardening or fixing something will get my mind to focus on something other then what’s amping me up… plus it feels great to accomplish something.


My room gets turned into a disaster area over the course of one week, so every weekend I have to challenge myself to get it together before my parents throw a fit. I’m 23 years old but they (my mother imparticular) feel the need to micromanage so I don’t relapse again. I suppose I understand somewhat. I’ve been doing better though so they haven’t been on my case as much. When I’m cleaning I just repeat words in my head that relate to the task at hand, and that fixation helps to relieve my other symptoms.


I’ve had a mixed day so far but it’s looking better. I’ve been chatting on Skype with my girlfriend and I went to the store to get smokes. My neighbor turned off her oxygen machine and I can relax a bit without its horrible noise.


woke up early but went back to sleep. had a shower, unloaded and loaded the dishwasher, took choop choop for a walk and in a mo, i have to cook dinner for max for when he gets in. i also need to tidy my room and change my bed…ho hum.


Cleaned my bathroom. Ate a good healthy breakfast. Debating whether to go for a walk or not.