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Not recognize parents

not recognize mother / father or sister / brother is a classic symptom of schizophrenia?

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i’m not really sure memory loss is part of schizophrenia. i think that is more to do with dementia but i am no expert so i advise seeking medical advice.

Not a classic, but definitely one I have seen before, though I don’t want to get into the specific reasons why it can happen here… at this point. If I may ask, how old is this pt?

My sister is 26 years old and is schizophrenic… sometimes she doesn’t recognize my mother, my father and me and sometimes she said that we are other people and not her relatives

So, we’re pretty likely not looking at a dementia here. Which points me in the direction of “behavioral assessment” / “functional assessment of behavior.” (See, although it’s pretty abstruse.)

In clinical psychology, FAB is used to work back from a presented behavior to its causes via schemes of reward and reinforcement. The question is, “What happened again and again that trained the person to respond in such a manner?”

If you – or she – were asked that question, would you or she be able to come up with an answer that made very simple sense?

I’m going to offer a partial answer (or, at least, clues) to see if it makes very simple sense to you: There are [may be] obvious reasons why she has disconnected the memories of certain people from her consciousness. Are the memories simply too intolerable for her to allow into memory? Are the emotions that come up if she allows those memories to surface too painful?

BTW, do you have a psychiatric diagnosis, as well?

Having delusions can be a symptom of schizophrenia. There are lots of types of delusions and this one can be a part of the symptoms.

Kinda maybe a little…I don’t remember names unless I’m helped…(Too many things going on at once when I’m introduced, almost always.) Since the nervous and psychosis, I sometimes don’t recognize someone I’ve only seen a couple of times…

I’ve experienced something similar. I did recognize my parents but I felt like they were aliens. I felt alienated in other words. No emotional connection between family members and myself. Was that similar to what you’ve experienced? I don’t have schizophrenia, I have delusional disorder.