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What is the syndrome when relatives seem like imposters?

I am trying to remember the name of the psychotic syndrome when a person believes that an acquaintance or family member isn’t really themself. I think I have read about it. For example, my son once said that he thought I wasn’t really me, and I was s robot.

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Thank you. It explains a lot of my son’s outbursts, now that I think about it. I’m sorry you have to deal with it.

I had this for a short while during a psychotic break. In my case it was because their existence conflicted with a delusion they had died shortly beforehand. I was speaking to them over a phone call and in my mind it sounded like isolated sound clips stitched together. My take is your mind tries to fill in logical inconsistencies and in its confusion doesn’t do a very good job of it. In my case, it faded the next day after some sleep.

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It only seems to happen in short blips of time.

My son went thru the Capgras delusion for a while. Now he just doesn’t believe that he’s related to certain people and that his dad had been Andre the Giant. I had to look that one up and then explain to him that he’d been dead for years…

It is really something what a brain can come up with. I remember reading “The Man Who Mistook his Wife for his Hat” by Oliver Sacks years ago. It shook me up and made me think what a miracle it is when a person has a healthy brain. Now I feel that so much moreso.

The good news is, when he got a better psychiatrist and got off of Adderall and Wellbutrin, most of this thinking cleared up, unless there is a huge amount of stress.