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Nothing left to do


**Everyone tells me this-----let him go, let him fall, nothing you can do, you cannot save him, he has to figure this out for himself…

My son is about to lose his apt…my sister is actually trying to buy a house for him. He is delusional and hostile.
He is not in denial-he just hates the meds-they caused seizures, and yet, he doesn`t want to try anything else.
He may end up on the street again. 38 years old.

I keep saying " A mom doesn`t give up on her kids!"

I am out of answers—this is really just a prayer…


Can you get him to join this website? It’s helped me stay on meds.


No. I have tried.


Well, if your sister manages to get him a house, that would be a huge deal. Especially if being on the streets is a big worry.


**Yeah-but she is in California, and the realtor is trying to deal with him. **


So long as the realtor knows he has schizophrenia, they should make allowances I guess. The realtor will still be interested in making a living.


I know I said it before but I think that you are not only a GREAT mother but a GREAT person also.

I just sayed a prayer for you and your family.

God Bless You.


My wife right now, for her physical problems, doesn’t accept the treatments offered. She doesn’t want a treatment she wants a cure.

How to deal with a mindset like that!?! … There’s no cure for bullheaded.


I think you are right!


I have had to hear the same thing from people, give up, just let her figure it out etc… I also hear the other side people who think I not doing enough. I hate that my hands,are tied! I’m so sorry you also have to helplessly stand by. I wish there was more hope I could offer but your not alone.


I commend you and yes, a mother does not give up on her kids. I’m sorry, but we can’t. They need us. Do you see a trend on this website? Lots and lots of mothers. We are here trying to find answers and through the help of those diagnosed and other caregivers, we find new answers and hope for something new to work. I see this website grow everyday so we all have to keep trying and sharing our experiences so that those just starting to experience this place we are at, have some guidance.

You are a wonderful mother…


Thank you guys so much!
I think the laws in place right now are not doing anything to help. In fact-compared to a few years ago, they are doing the opposite.
Laws are made to be broken also…


Hi, I remember you. They sometimes say kids go through a phase, and you should just stick it out. Can you offer him alternatives? What about a great experience somewhere, like a family trip? What about buying him a guitar? I know you are a good mother too, but best of intentions sometimes don’t pan out, and then you are hurt, and he is hurt, and there might be danger involved.