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Is good group therapy for schizophrenics available online?

Hello everyone. My 24 year old daughter was just diagnosed. She does have a therapist and a psychiatrist, but we thought an online group therapy program for people with schizophrenia would be extremely helpful. She and her boyfriend are out of state and moving across the country soon, so it doesn’t make sense to get involved in any in-person group therapy yet. I would be so grateful if anyone has ideas we can share with them.

Hi @LeahBelle and welcome to the forum. I think it is a good thing that your daughter has a therapist, a psychiatrist and a boyfriend.

I never came across any online group therapy program. Good question, I hope someone knows of one and will post.

I personally think that NAMI is one of the best groups for support. Perhaps someone there would know what to suggest to you.

Welcome LeahBelle! When I think about group therapy, I think about sessions that are usually run or administered by a therapist. Its seems likely, especially since Covid, that you will be able to find therapists running online group therapy. does have a forum for “People who have Schizophrenia” they are listed right above our forum on the website. Your daughter might want to ask their members if they are aware of good group therapy options.