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Supplements for family members?


I have been very interested in the information on this site about supplements like sarcosine and NAC. They seem to offer the chance to ‘roll back’ some of the damage to the brain which is brought about by psychosis (or APs if you are on the anti-psychiatry team). I believe that combined with diet, exercise and probably some therapy and social interaction all these can combine to minimize symptoms at the very least.
As I’ve said before, my son takes APs, though reluctantly, and his was a fairly late onset and I am happy that he is still able to live an independent life. But he still suffers and relapses sometimes.
I am trying to persuade him to take sarcosine, but he is unresponsive to my suggestions! My latest strategy is that I have told him that I am going to try it.
I have Type 1 diabetes and diabetics are known to be at high risk of Alzheimer’s in later life - and Alzheimer’s has some things in common with sz. So, that’s my current plan.
The other thing is that blood relatives of people with sz are known to exhibit negative symptoms of sz (indicating that sz is on a continuum rather than being a black and white condition).
So, if your relative with sz is taking sarcosine, how did that come about?
And would you try it?
(From what I’ve read, if I don’t need it, it just might make me a bit manic, which could be interesting🤔)


I take sarcosine on a semi-regular basis and like it. It makes me feel better, more motivated, etc. But - everyone’s responses are, I’m sure, different.


That sounds good. It’s exactly what I’m hoping for. I think I’ll give it a whirl. And my son agreed to try it today.


My boyfriend took sarcosine for awhile and he seemed more interested in life and less focused on paranoid beliefs. He was more animated and seemed to enjoy doing things more.

I’ve started taking sarcosine myself, sort of an experiment. I have bipolar disorder. I haven’t noticed any ill effects. It makes me feel a little sleepy when I first take it and I also seem to be more motivated and focused. My understanding is that it is very safe.

He is going to start taking a small dose of NAC soon and we’re crossing our fingers that it has some benefit.

I’m a little worried about possible side effects of NAC. Most of what I’ve read about it is positive. Sounds like it may be helpful for a variety of conditions but there is also some concern about pulmonary artery hypertension ( at very high doses in rats)

Best of luck to you and your son.


My bf has been on NAC for a couple of days now. He has issues with thinking people hate him. They don’t. I have, in the past, tried to reason with him and this causes him to get angry, thinking I am just being contrary.

So, today he was talking about some people hating him and for the first time that I can recall, he questioned his perception and said that maybe they didn’t, maybe it was paranoia!

I am so happy he has had this insight! It is heartbreaking to see him feel so despised when it clearly isn’t true.

I think it may be an effect of the NAC.