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Need some advice!!!
Without going into the full story–my son is making an effort to start injections again, but the the people at social services are making it hard for him and he is not very stable to manage through it all. He really just needs to get an injection at the moment. They keep saying to take him to ER.
My sister, who is the only one he trusts at the moment, was asking if I thought it would be ok if she mailed him some .5mg tablets of Zyprexa to last a few days so he can get through all the stuff going on with him right now ( having to move ).
He did well in the past on this drug.
Now that he is finally ready to help himself, they are making it hard.
i am always ready to do something to help him-even if it is illegal, or to get around the system.
What do you guys think???
Also, what is considered as a therapuetic dose?


That’s great news!!

What’s the problem with going to the ER to get the injections?


Because he has to wait for hours, and hes too agitated to wait, and last time we went, they gave him such a small dose that it didnt do a thing…12.5 mg


Get your sister to explain to him that there will be a wait at ER. Tell her to get him to bring some cigatettes. Start off on the right foot, do what they’re advising. Don’t become a doctor!


My son and I have been through the ER door twice in the past 2 months-so he knows what to expect.
I hope he decides to do it.
He is a pain because he wont let me talk to anyone about his meds, and he doesnt remember what they gave him last time–yet I can`t say a word.


If he trusts anybody that’s a big deal. Let your sister act as the mediator until he’s feeling better.


She is-but she lives in California.
i`m the foot soldier!


Which means what, exactly?


Meaning-he has to call himself, even if he is not able to.
i cannot even schedule an appmnt for him. They have to hear his voice!


Also, this is just for therapy, no promises on getting to see a doctor.


Where do you live?

You may want to look into getting a conservatorship.


The s/s agency cannot prevent you from taking him to a doctor. They just won’t pay for it. Again, where do you live?


In northern Kentucky-across the bridge from Cincinnati.
Not enough time for the courts, and we are trying to let him do this on his own.
Part of his resistance is from the negative experiences he has had. Now, he is coming around on his own, but the system has changed in the past 6 months—hospitals and social services are throwing walls up all of a sudden.
He has to move out of his place by the end of this month and he needs to be stable.
It seems we also have a shortage of doctors here…


And actually, he is able to care for himself when on his meds.


NOT good. (As you know.)

Yup, Obamacare uncertainty plus new Medicare rules. A problem nationwide.

We have a shortage of p-docs everywhere now. The drug-induced- psychosis tsunami + + +. You might do better hunting for a good nurse practitioner or practice with physicians’ assistants, a lot of whom are actually more up to speed on current practice that the MDs now.

BTW, if he’s taking street drugs, you’re probably wasting a lot of time and effort you could save by getting him into a decent dual-diagnosis program. Try calling Bridgehaven Mental Health and Village Behavioral Health in Louisville to see what they may suggest. (Network, network, network.)


**Thank you-but Louisville is 2 hours away.
At the moment, I am trying to find a primary care doctor who will give the injection until he can get back into services.
im not fudging-but we have a long-term plan going on. my sis is buying a house for him ( so he never gets kicked out again ) and we are trying to place it in Covington where the few good services are, and he can get to them easily. plus-he likes that area. This will allow him to be more independent, and if he needs food, services, or the payee, its all there.
We just need to get him stable so we can find a house.
That area also has a great Pier support program. We just need to get him down there where he will find it on his own.
However @notmoses-asking a question about meds-what is the lowest therapeutic dose of Zyprexa? **


Yep. Been there. He has to want to do that.
The fact that he is even trying to get an injection is a miracle. He is going to have to deal with all of this himself once he gets moved.
We have been dealing with this mental health circus for 20 years!
Now that he is actually trying to take some control-BOOM! Can`t get help…


I know that (I lived in Ohio for a while). But those are the two best facilities in the northern part of the state, and they will know where to refer you in the area south of CinnCinn, like Cov. There are also some Class A facilities in CinnCinn that can point you to the good stuff south of the river.

Pardon me, but I sort of have to at least ask where this plan came from, given the realities you have described. Because – rude as it may seem – I’m not seeing a match-up here, and I have a HEAP of experience at this stuff.

Or peer-support program? Like a Class A outpatient, 12 Step Dual-Diagnosis Anonymous or some such?

Five mgs, but I’m not wild about shooting that recommendation without looking directly at the pt.


Newport, KY 41071-2117 … PIER encourages participation in daily operations as well as activities. PIER … Double Trouble in Recovery Group Support: A 12-step support group to help individuals dealing with both mental and substance use …
Recovery Now -

Not sure what you mean??

Not the way I would choose either-but when you can`t get the help…
Did you really live in Ohio?


Now I am seeing a “match-up.” (Given the tx facilities and their expertise.)

Chagrin Falls. Years ago. Ex-urbia then; GD suburbia now. Travelled all over the rust belt with a rock & roll band.


How did you ever get through that maze of a system?
Ohio has services-but can`t get to them!!
My son has been to hospitals in Ky and Oh.
Eastern state-Lewis center-Central state…this is over a 20 year period.
My son lived in Loveland for awhile…I moved to Sharonville to be near him and my job ( that was a strange little town!)