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Please guide me


My wife suffering from schizophernia since 5 months and she is good as compared to his earlier situation but her weight is gaining and she is cooking well and also taking care ofnour baby well. But problem is that she dont have any exitement for doing any new things and she dont like to talk with any one and she is almost silent … Please guide i am new on this…


Well, for starters, try to motivate ehr a little more to talk. Sit ehr down and talk to her each day, ask ehr how her day was, ask ehr how she is feeling, even kiss ehr occasionally. That will alert her that you love her should she doubt that.


first off thank you for loving her. more often than whats said people get selfish and leave when someone has problems. its extremely painful when one has schizophrenia to be treated as defective on top of the illness itself.

second she might still need some time to adjust to her meds, i bet you the a big reason shes taking them is for you. her meds might also not be the right meds… certain meds like zyeprexa are really sedating, and anehdonia is a side effect experience by many on meds. this means lack of emotion.

abilify is a med she might like as it causes a less sedative effect and less weight gain. unfortunately all these meds list weight gain as a potential side effect. seems blocking nuerotransmitters gives us the effect of the munchies but its almost uncontrollable on some meds like zyprexa i ate 40 dollars in groceries a day. i had to comepletely get rid of any junk food because i knew right before bed i would gourge. the meds make you its painful not to each when you feel starving.

stock only fruits and vegetables, and even then it could get expensive. smoothies are great if you can get a ninja.

being in love doesnt have a feeling. happiness is a feeling. love is a commitment to selflessness for a particular person who makes us happy. rough times do happen in marriage, thanks a for sticking by her, commiting to doing the right thing, and preserving your love for someone who has had physical ilness of the brain in the form of schizophrenia. schizophrenia does sometimes go away, my grandma dated a man who only had psychosis about three times a year andw as off meds.


it might b the medication is too high. it can have htat effect of there is not enough dopamine left in the brain unfortunately. maybe tinker with her meds with the guidance of her psychiatrist. good luck. xxx


i am glad she is able to take care of the baby…
Yes-it could be the meds that are doing this.
have you asked her how she is feeling?
Hopefully she just hasnt adjusted yet, 5 months isnt that long. have a talk with her doctor, see what he thinks.


@Kchauhanb , It’s so nice to see that you are supporting your wife and taking good care of her. I am glad she is taking good care of your baby. She needs a lot of emotional support and planning simple things with her everyday would be great. Most anti psychotics makes one gain weight. That is why not everyone wants to be on medications. My son ate one meal and one smoothie a day and still gained a lot of weight. Good luck to you and make sure she goes to all appointments. Hope by now she has applied for SSI/SSDI and Medicaid. If you live in USA go on NAMI site and they have lot of help and classes for everyone. Take care.


Recovery is a journey-it takes time. It sounds like a lot of progress has been made and considering she is doing pretty well. No excitement for new things, socially isolating is a normal part of the illness. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t get better. I was super concerned about both of these issues with my daughter and over time she has made significant progress. She may feel very self conscious about her illness-thinking people can “tell” thinking trying to socialize with her symptoms or side effects will be overwhelming for her. In my opinion she needs to build up self confidence is social situations again, and see through experience it will all be okay, which means the experiences must be pleasant ones for her. She needs to be gently pushed to do things that are easy and pleasant. Just keep offering the opportunities, and be accepting if she doesn’t want to do it. Sooner or later, if you keep asking she will take the plunge and try something. At first it should be short, she should be able to tell you when she wants or needs to leave, and things that you know she’ll enjoy. I’d also ask her what kinds of things she might want to do when she’s feeling up to it.