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Police Awareness?

I would sue the ~!@# City or state!
I had a simliar situation with my son years ago in the ER. Its hard to talk about-but one of the nurses tried to sue my son for breaking his glasses ( not on purpose ) and causing this nurse to lose 3 days work. We counter-sued for inhumane treatment and the case was dismissed. Good on you that you wrote your state rep. Try calling the local news in your area too... Im with you on this-it`s got to stop.
Sometimes I think of moving to another state…

Thank you for your response and advice. I have thought about getting a lawyer. I usually never think that way simply because everyone is human and I try very hard to give the police the benefit. That being said, I’m scared if I don’t do anything, police brutality will continue to manifest to a point, well I can’t even think about that.

@dmulkey I don’t care for your “shoot them all” and let God sort them out attitude …

To event suggest “he’s better off in jail” shows what an ASS CLOWN you are.

Its not fair to point the blame on cmdavis, and I don’t think she is wrong, although you cant make “tough love” work, and I think you suck for suggesting this as some positive aspect.

I would rather be on a phyc ward than in jail.

Because in jail he can’t mix drugs from the streets with antipsychotics for one and until those things are addressed he’s bound to get in trouble again:( I know this because I am personally involved ! Someone needs to be his voice with the whole story ! Its not fair to enable anyone ever !

There are enough people here to make that point valid.

Crimes should be punished. We should be held accountable just like everyone else.

“Don’t try to say schizophrenia made him steal a car. This disease doesn’t make people criminals.”

@malvok This is actually why I say he should be on a phyc ward.

If someone is self medication lots of things can go bad no one is disputing that

With the proper care he wouldn’t be in either! Just saying you sir don’t have all the facts …like I said there’s more to the story and cmdavis left those parts out if you only knew!

Ive seen some shit go really bad for people self medication, you have to understand

Well-They’re not going to let him off. What you are arguing for is some understanding. The mentally ill act out. Acting out is probably what caused your son to drive away in some dealership’s new car. I’ve done things like that in a mental hospital but not a word was said to me. I could have been put in prison but I did these things in a mental hospital so I was “innocent”. I feel guilty to this day-(things that happened in the 1970’s).

One time I was coming out of a mental health hearing and I was paranoid. I started yelling, “Help! Help!” Four cops jumped on me. After they subdued me they twisted my wrist and clamped handcuffs on super tight. Then they threw me in the back seat of a police cruiser with four other mental patients. I had to ride the ninety miles to the mental hospital in a very awkward position. My hand was numb for two weeks after that. The police can play some pretty mean tricks. I’ve heard of them doing worse. They have done worse to me. The point is stay away from the police if you can. They hold all the cards in an arrest situation.

I guess the numbness is common. When they put me in cuffs my hand was numb for almost two weeks. A cop once threatened to take me out to the Dumbarton bridge over San Francisco Bay, break both my legs, and let me crawl back.

I just got home from work. DMulkey is my husband of 24 years, w****. We are now divorced. She lives in a different state and has no business responding or commenting about my son’s condition. She is not directly involved and has no idea what she’s talking about. I joined this forum to help my son. To try and understand what he’s going through by relating to others in similar situations. I thank all of you for your responses. You have given me an awareness that there are many of us out there, and if anything I find strength in numbers, command ground, a sense of humanity and hope. I will not respond or post anything else however. What I’m going through with this is hard enough. I will not be subjected to the hatred and harassment from this person. I will continue to educate myself about my son’s illness through other means. I have and will continue to do everything and anything within my power to help my son.

One time I was walking past a couple of cops, and one of them said, “Hey, George.” I turned and yelled at them, “Tom! My name is Tom!” They sprayed me with pepper spray, hand cuffed me, slammed me face first onto the ground, put their knees on the back of my head and ground my face into the dirt after I had been pepper sprayed. It was very painful. I had a history with the police. They knew I hated being called “George”.

Hmmm. I would call that excessive force. Also known as police brutality.

I understand if you ignore this.

Is your husband a women?

I’m sorry your experience here turned out so bad. Good luck with your son. If I hadn’t had my families unwavering support for the last 35 years while I’ve had paranoid schizophrenia I wouldn’t be where I am today and I probably wouldn’t even be alive. Your son surely needs you. Good luck. And don’t forget to take care of yourself and keep living your life and even have a little fun every now and then so you can stay strong both physically and mentally for your son so you can be there for him.

@cmdavis, as much as I believe that schizophrenia doesn’t cause criminal behavior, I understand that you’re struggling and I feel for you. I’m sorry your son is in the position he’s in now and hope things work out ok.

They said:"Get in the car!: The worst thing I could have done in my life. It led to disaster. I’ve had many dealings with the police, most of them good. They are there to help.