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Poor Woman... Been sick 25 years

Ghost! drone flight, we did 12-4am ghost hunt here…

Time lapse build of a Losi 5ive B

She purchased a small piece of land on the mountain in the city limits, this year to relax, she has me clearing it by hand, to cook food, city ordinance, very high end area in this city, behind fence is $1M minimum homes gated, nature preserve across the street… lol…

oh god, time to mow, push mow 3 acres…

King Kitty Competition is back…

Worked on the boat this week…

And wired up the Capo



HydroFest this weekend

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Found time to fabricate the brass/teflon guide tube for the flex drive and bond in mounts for the 130 mph boat…

I wasn’t sure about posting the videos, but I think it’s good for people to see what it is like. Especially the people that like to judge you when you’ve had enough and need your own space. Some people think well you must not really love them if you turn your back on them. They don’t know what or how long some of us have had to endure and I guess if we aren’t taking care of them non stop, miserable and broken we are selfish! You really did a good job deflecting and trying to calm her down!

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Play along…

Damn good one here:

Was she sick when you first met her or did it all the sudden just happen?

perfectly normal, lived together for 2 years, married for a year, daughter born year later, 3 years later, boom all at once gone…

Got more cool shit done to make my happy:

Finished cool off road trailer:

New wheels and tires, went with goodyear kevlar:

Servo mounts done on boat:

Quick road Trip:

@GSSP So does Abilify actually help her? I’m sorry for the loss of life that could have been if not for this terrible illness. I’m glad you have found ways to adapt, take care of yourself, and escape from time to time.

No, she was on it only for a short time.

Yes, her behavior appears to be un-medicated. I have hope for everyone that our loved ones can become med (or treatment) compliant. It is not easy.

Wow. That is a lot, GSSP. So your wife developed schizophrenia only four years into your marriage and you have stuck with her for twenty-five years of illness.

I take my wedding vows very seriously, but after only seven years of illness and nothing remotely as challenging [or not yet] as what you have been going through, I am finding this first relapse very hard - much harder in many ways than the initial break.

What keeps you in the marriage?