You Won't Believe How Bad This Situation Crashed...Update

So, I’ve been telling you all how I was having a hard time coping with my husbands mania. I even voluntarily checked myself into the hospital for a couple days. I thought that would help but it wasn’t enough. I started feeling like I was tired. Emotionally tired beyond belief and I felt as if I needed peace and if I got peace I wouldn’t be so tired anymore. The only peace I knew was my Gran who passed Oct. last year. So…I slit my wrist a several times.and attempted to clock out of this world in the worst way possible. Luckily my uncle was there and he basically saved me. They involuntarily admitted me of course. My husband called the psyche ward and I just told him to stay where he is. I can no longer handle the stress that comes with him, it’s way to much for me to bear. Wanted to share my plummet with you all. It isn’t worth it. Maybe what I shared will help someone else.

I am so sorry to hear that this happened to you. I hope for your speedy recovery. Even when you get back on your feet, I hope you stay strong when it comes to your husband. I know you want to help him, but it’s just not an option right now.

I’m rooting for you and your kids.

Thanks u @SurprisedJ I have told him to stay where he is, he’s not allowed back home unless and after he gets himself some help

i am deeply saddened for what you are going through…right now you need to take complete care of yourself…concentrate on YOU…i hope the best for you,please keep us informed of how things are going…you are cared about very much…sometimes just realizing that can make a difference…i hope so…hang tough…

I’ve tried to off myself before…you’re not the only one. I hope you begin to recover, I know from my own experience that suicide attempts come from deep despair and true hopelessness.

You can get better. I have built my life and my body too much to off myself now.

you are right @mortimermouse I felt so hopeless and helpless. Thanks for that b/c it helps knowing I’m not the only one who just hit rock bottom to where u can’t take it anymore.

Thanks @bubbles I am attempting to hold myself together. They changed my meds and added mania to my diagnosis so I’m hoping the meds help at least some and ease the pressure

The only place to go after rock bottom in underground or up. I’m a competitive powerlifter now, I like how they yell UP! at me when I am lifting really heavy. It’s nice to just hear people say that word.

I did also hit rock bottom. I was in a crazy whirl wind where voices tormented me, anxiety suffocated me and I stopped sleeping completely. I didn’t see any other options but ending my life. But in last second I asked my husband to drive me to ER. I ended up in hospital for 6 months. But that was not all a bad thing. I needed to be there, to be taken care of.

The most important thing for you is to see to yourself. Take care of you. Without you, you can’t take care of anyone else. Your kids need you.