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Portico Preview: Strategies for families supporting people with schizophrenia


New CAT guide will support families of people with schizophrenia to pursue work, school and leisure

Families of people with schizophrenia often struggle with helping their loved one to really engage in life—to be able to work, study, enjoy their leisure time and have meaningful relationships.

It’s these day-to-day activities that can sometimes be the greatest challenge, says Dr. Sean Kidd, a clinician-scientist in the Complex Care and Recovery program at CAMH.

But now, with a manual and accompanying educational videos slated for release in early 2017, families of people with schizophrenia will be able to access what is termed “environmental supports” or in-home strategies to support their relative in those first steps of recovery. Supports can be anything from reminder signs to calendars, checklists, alarms or other simple devices placed strategically around the home to help them remember and follow through on various daily routines.


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