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Postnatal psychosis

Hi everyone, I am from the University of Liverpool.

We are conducting research into the experiences of partners of women who have previously had an episode of Postnatal Psychosis (sometimes referred to as perinatal psychosis, puerperal psychosis, postpartum psychosis). Partners are key sources of support to mothers during these experiences, therefore it is crucial that their perspectives are heard, and that they are adequately supported during this period. Our aim is to improve the understanding of these experiences which could help improve the current support service provisions available to partners.

We are looking for current or past partners of women who has experienced postnatal psychosis in the past five years, but more than six months ago. The current study is not suitable for partners of women currently experiencing postnatal psychosis. You must also be over the age of 18 years old and not currently being treated for mental health issues.
The study will involve a series of questions to be completed online, which will ask some open-ended questions relating to your experiences of supporting your partner through postnatal psychosis, the support you had and the impact this may have had on you. If you wish to take part, more information will be provided on in the link below: 1

Thank you for taking the time to read this information. Questions can be directed to the Lead Investigator Dr Victoria Vass (