Pot use and schizoaffective

Does anyone have problems with their son or daughter using fowl language

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I happen myself to know chicken talk.

She used to, terribly. Not anymore.

I’m confused though, your title says something about pot use…

I am confused by the title too. I thought maybe someone was using pot lol

**YES!! Trying to deal with it now.
However, My son has been off his meds for over a month and is showing some signs of relapse.

Yes my son used to be really bad. Finally after doing some research into disciplining ADHD and Oppositional Defiance Disorder I put some basic rules and consequences into affect. Swearing at me, my husband or excessively resulted in the loss of internet. He once lost the internet for 8 days. Wasn’t an easy 8 days however the level of swearing dropped considerably.

Oh man… NOW I get it… chicken talk… fowl language… :laughing:

I hate to say… when I wasn’t doing so well… Yes… I was not a nice person. My parents would walk away when I started the cussing. If I wanted help… fine… but if I started cussing… that ended it right there. When they would visit me in hospital… if I started cussing… they would merely leave… then I was all alone again.

I did have to do this on occasion. Tell my son that if he didn’t stop swearing at me I was leaving. He wasn’t swearing at the nurses, etc so swearing at me was a choice. He would stop and I would stay :smile:

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I have had to do the same.

I don’t know how to delete this I wrote under the wrong title. Also I made a spelling mistake fowl instead of foul. How do you correct mistakes on this site?

My daughter does not use swear words - its only when she’s stopped taking her medication her behavior become aggressive and then the the vulgar language comes out but I would not say its out of control. Her aggressiveness comes across as extremely agitated - frightened - needing a lot of reassurance that she will be okay. If I’m not caught up in the moment of fear with her what works for calming my daughter down is talking softly to her, holding her hand or hands that all will be okay and then I ask her where her PRN’s are. As for pot use - yes she has used pot in the past and it always makes her feel very paranoid and fearful.