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Pregnant daughter


My daughter is a schizophrenic .and she is pregnant with her third the first two,this child will also be placed for adoption.she is 28 years or can I get the right or somehow get her ‘fixed’ .after this child?how can i legally get her “fixed” ?

Can someone help me out here? Right now she is in a state hospital.


I’m sorry. I just don’t think you can do this without her cooperation. Maybe if you are her guardian.


Contact the Department of Public Social Services in your county.


Sometimes you can offer people something like a payment or other benefit whe wants if she will get her tubes tied / so she cannot get pregnant again. Have you tried that?


Thank you everyone.


I’m curious, does sz run in your family? Or your daughter is just an oddity?


Why do that? She is only 28. With good treatment she can get better, and she can have a child. Repeatedly losing children, whether through abortion, miscarriage or adoption, is a surefire recipe for mental illness, but even “normal” women in such circumstances get pregnant again and again - grief pregnancies.

Why don’t you support her? Get her on an injectable contraceptive. Persuade her to improve her sz treatment with the incentive that she CAN one day have the family she wants.


Rather than an injectable contraceptive which requires monthly maintenance my 1st thought was an IUD because they can be left in place for 10 years and most health insurances will cover it.


I think the law precludes any kind of coercive sterilization of your daughter. Maybe you can persuade her to get fixed, but I think that is the only way you can do it.