Schizophrenia and pregnancy

Hi All,

My sister suffers from schizophrenia and already has had one baby taken off her (my Mum looks after the child) because she’s incapable. She just announced that she’s pregnant again. I know social services are going to take the baby and it breaks my heart.

She doesn’t understand consequences and it’s getting worse as she gets older. Does anyone have experience of this?


Unfortunately, irresponsibility and inability to understand consequences are common in those with this mental illness, and often the symptoms get worse over time. I am sorry, I have no real suggestions to help you. Your mom is very kind to have already taken care of one baby.

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Yes I have experience with this, I am caring for my sister child who has the illness and she is trying to get pregnant again she too got her child taken from social services and If she gets Prego again they will take it away my heart goes out to you

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