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Premiere of Bedlam in Los Angeles presented by the DMH

I’m so excited that the Department of Mental Health, Los Angeles will be premiering Sundance’s ‘Bedlam’ next Saturday at Paramount Studios. Check out the website with reviews: Let me know if anyone is local and interested, it’s free, but you have to RSVP - I can email you the link. I’ve heard that this is amazing and a must see. Happy Friday!

Finally, on Saturday evening, we are thrilled to announce we will host the Los Angeles premiere of the documentary “Bedlam,” a feature-length documentary that immerses us in the national crisis surrounding care of the seriously mentally ill through intimate stories of patients, families, and medical providers. We will be joined by special guests former U.S. Rep. Patrick J. Kennedy and the film’s director Dr. Ken Rosenberg in a discussion following the screening of this candid look at mental health care in Los Angeles.


lol, no surprise… I hate the days when Alabama tax payers support their bull shit…

The Mother Fuckers create this movie as a total scam to make the big bucks while a very small percentage make it to the facilities…

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I wish ! Maybe they will bring it to Austin Texas sometime… it looks so good !

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I ordered the book but have not read it yet.

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“Bedlam” is now available on - you can stream it for free. Just dig around their website, you’ll find it. It may show it as a series, but its not, its 1 hour and 25 minutes long.

I just watched it yesterday after listening to Dr Rosenberg’s interview on (click on video archives at the bottom of the site to see his interview)

The movie focuses on how the people suffering from mental illnesses ended up in jails and prisons after all of the state facilities were closed years ago. The three largest treatment centers for mental illness in the USA are jails. Those jails are located in New York, Chicago and LA.

The movie treats Los Angeles and California harshly. I was amused when a young doctor blames Reagan - due to overcrowding LA released 18,000 from their jail system around 2017 - Reagan would have been out of office over 28 years. If I recall correctly, the movie says that 6,000 of those people had severe mental illnesses and were simply released to the street. Side note: the California prison system released 18,000 this year due to Covid concerns. I have no ideas how many of those people had severe mental illnesses.

Patrisse Cullors is in the movie along with her brother who suffers from a severe mental illness.