Problems with getting Wife to trust me

My wife does not trust me because she thinks that I brought in spirits, gave them to her and thinks we are against her. For 9 months now she never changes her thinking. She does tell me that she know I did not do this on purpose, and that this was forced on both. I realize that she thinks her delusions are real that the have sex with me and attacking her sexual. We still live together but she having sons get her apartment because she thinks is I am not around they be leave her. She finally sees the therapist Mon June 24 and hope they can convince her I do not have the spirits problems and that I can be trusted. I hope med will also help to let her realize I love her and see can trust me. Will therapy and meds help on this issue?


Meds helped my son recover from SZ. If she is delusional she needs to see a psychiatrist who can prescribe them.