Questions about Daughter - Not getting Medication Refill for 2 months - Help, Suggestions?

From Holly22, please post if you have ideas of how to help:

My daughter is 9 and just came back from her 5th stay in the hospital for being suicidal. She was diagnosed with psychosis along with several other things, ie. ADHD, ODD, Bipolar and learning disabilities. Her psychosis was confirmed by 3 different specialists and she was put on medication for it. However the hospital she was just in for a week said that she does not suffer from psychosis and told her that all the voices in her head were just her own thought’s and took her off of all her medication for it. The only medicine they sent her home with is for her ADHD. She now thinks that she is just an evil child who wants to harm people. I know that it’s rare to be diagnosed at her age but how can 1 doctor simply push aside what 3 others have confirmed? Has anyone else gone through this with a child this age and what can I do about it and where can I go to get her the proper care she needs? She had a really bad episode yesterday and was being very destructive and hitting me. I found what was left of her scripts before she went to the hospital. I gave her some last night. She only has enough medicine for 4 more days. Her doctor sees her once a month and that’s when the scripts get filled. I’ve called to make an appointment for her but she can’t get in for another 3 weeks. They will NOT REFILL medicine without seeing her first! I’m terrified that she is going to seriously harm herself or one of us if she is not on her meds. I feel lost and just don’t know where to turn to anymore.

Oh my goodness, you and your poor girl must be in such a state of anxiety, which isn’t going to help at all!
Where are you located? I the uk we have PALS, patient liaison services. They can give a kick up the backside to the right people.
I would definitely put in a complaint about the doctor who has taken your daughter off her meds, and try to contact the doctors who prescribed them originally and kick up a fuss.
Is your mental health services split for children and adults? It’s crazy that someone would take her off her meds without checking with the mental health department in charge of her case.
I hope you can get some help soon, if in doubt just take her to hospital and insist that they see her. If we dot fight for our kids, no one else will.
Hugs and my thoughts are with you.

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I really recommend you read this page on how to get the best care for your daughter. The healthcare workers should not increasing the risk of suicide with your daughter - make sure they know you take their lack of assistance very seriously:

How to Force the System to Give You or Your Family Member Better Care

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These specialists need to be involved.
From my experience, a patient will go to whichever hospital has a free bed. Did she go to different hospitals?

It sounds to me like you are nearing a crisis. Do you have numbers to call if a crisis occurs? You need to have numbers of people to call. Those hospitals should have given you numerous resources closely available.
Call the 1800 number if you’re in the states.

That’s ludicrous. Make some noise if you have to. I did and my son was considered an adult. Your daughter is only nine. You have a lot of rights as her parent.

Keep us posted…

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They are finding that many mental illnesses are actually caused by infections, bacteria, and parasites, so please don’t give up. Google these things, which may shed light…you may want to get your daughter tested and possibly get her cured!!! Check out the below: (google)

PANDAS Infection
Toxoplasmosis Gondi
Lyme Disease
Borna Disease Virus

Also check this out…which indicates even Schizophrenia, the worst of the worst mental illnesses is even caused by an infection in the brain…hope this helps!

I think you could go to an emergency room and get the medications. Also, I agree if this doctor does not see her before her medications run out he should be reported!
My daughter severely changed at 8 years old, completely withdrawing socially. I have been told that is the age schizophrenia can be realized. I will pray for a quick answer for you and your daughter. :innocent: