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Really worried and Not sure


Okay, so my girlfriend told me recently that she hears voices. She said they aren’t mean to her and frequently ask if she’s okay more than her own family does (i really don’t think they care about her at all sometimes). But she said that sometimes they have a gender and sometimes they don’t. Now, im doing a research paper about schizophrenia when she told me this so i know a lot of the symptoms. She was diagnosed with ADD, dyslexia, and depression as a kid and i’m starting to think that its more than that… is this paper messing with my head or should i be worried? She doesn’t sleep and when she does its hours upon hours, she cuts/burns herself if she gets badly depressed, and if cutting/burning doesn’t make her feel better (it usually gets her mood up a little) she talks about killing herself or shooting herself with her 22 she gets really irritated out of nowhere sometimes and is snappy the rest of the day. She’s paranoid that doctors won’t help and just want her money and just paranoid in general. I live 30 minutes from her and i don’t drive. I see her on weekends and i try to lift her up as much as i can when im there but when i leave its the same thing all over again. We Skype every night and i can see her depression getting worse again and when i tell her family they dont do anything except tell her its in her head or that shes fine (her grandparents) dont do anything stupid (her mom) and that shes fine to grow some balls (her dad) Its a difficult situation and i’m extremely worried about her mental deterioration. is there anything I can do for her? please help?


She should see a doctor. Try to convice her. Don’t diagnose her or ask for the internet to diagnose her, go to a proper doctor.
It can be a number of things, depression with psychotic features, bipolar, schizophrenia…
Wish you all the best, good luck


thanks you i just wanted to know what i should do. cause i wasnt sure. thank you so much


This kind of sounds like what I went thru. When I finally did see a therapist, she armchair dx me with DID which wasn’t helpful at all. Try to get your gf to see a Dr or pdoc who can properly help.


I will definitely try.