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Regional LEAP Training

The LEAP Foundation is offering regional LEAP training sessions in the US.

I attended the LEAP Training session in Foster City, California several weeks ago. It was well worth the time in my opinion. Dr. Xavier Amador, who wrote the book, “I’m Not Sick I Don’t Need Help!”, was the instructor.

The next LEAP regional training sessions will be in Florida in September 2018 and in Utah in November 2018. Details for upcoming LEAP training sessions can be found on the LEAP Foundation website.

From the LEAP Foundation website –
Regional LEAP Trainings (& Train The Trainers)
The LEAP Foundation is a 501©(3) that provides science-based education, training and other support to individuals and organizations wishing to learn about serious mental illness (SMI), anosognosia and how to more effectively help those suffering from these disorders.

Our top goal is to train family caregivers, mental healthcare and criminal justice professionals—involved in the care, recovery and safety of persons suffering from SMI—on how to create relationships that lead to treatment (The LEAP Program).